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Investment Planning
Everyone needs to save for a rainy day. Once you have saved enough to take care of emergencies, you should start thinking about investing and to make your money grow. We can help you plan your investments so that you can reap adequate benefits and achieve your financial goals.
The objective of the Investment Management offering is to help you plan your investments. We will assess your risk appetite and risk taking ability and recommend an asset allocation plan.
In each asset class we will recommend a specific set of instruments. Once you decide on the instruments we will also help you execute the investments. Whole Life will be the one stop shop for you to plan, detail and execute your investment decisions.
Your investment plan would be:
  • customised according to your goals, financial situation, life stage and time horizon
  • designed to meet your goals after matching your risk tolerance level
  • designed to meet your needs of liquidity
  • taking in to account effects of income and wealth tax
  • based on proven asset allocation strategies and required diversification
  • monitored and rebalanced on regular basis to keep it fresh
For your customised investment planning, please do contact us.