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Financial Planning is the process of meeting your life goals through the proper management of your finances. Life goals can include buying a house, saving for your child's higher education, Marriage or planning for retirement. The Financial planning process consists of six steps that help you take a 'big picture' look at where you are currently. Using these six steps, you can work out where you are now, what you may need in the future and what you must do to reach your goals. The process involves gathering relevant financial information, setting life goals, examining your current financial status and coming up with a strategy or plan for how you can meet your goals given your current situation and future plans.
The Certified Financial PlannerCM will take a 'big picture' view of your financial situation and make Financial Planning recommendations that are suitable for you. The Planner will look at all your needs including budgeting and saving, taxes, investments, insurance and retirement planning. Or, the Planner may work with you on a single financial issue but within the context of your overall situation. This big picture approach to your financial goals sets the Planner apart from other Financial Advisors, who may have been trained to focus on a particular area of your financial life.

You can have an appointment with our Certified Financial PlannerCM   which will change your financial life with help of  professional guidance by adopting Financial Planning Process.


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P.Shanthi Raj, CFPCM
Cell No :09849643004
Ph.No 66482004 ,66482005

Certified Financial PlannerCM Certification is a mark of excellence granted to individuals who meet the stringent standards of education, examination, experience and ethics in the financial planning industry. It is the most prestigious and internationally accepted financial planning qualification recognized and respected by the global financial community across 21 countries.


CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM  and CFPCM are certification marks owned outside the U.S. by Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd. (FPSB). Financial Planning Standards Board India is the marks licensing authority for the CFP marks in India, through agreement with FPSB
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